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HI! I am Laura! I love capturing moments. Big moments, little moments, fleeting moments, OMG moments, ANY and ALL moments! I am a mother to a preschooler, who hates to have his picture taken, and a wife of 11 years to my best friend, who is an engineer. We live in the country! The city just was not for us so we live where the little boy can run and play, the husband and tear stuff apart, the views are glorious, the air is clean (even if it does occasionally smell of eu de pig... or cow) and the drive to town is relaxing. I use all natural light and shoot on location in the the greater IOWA region. After all this great state is not that big... From the south west corner to the north central areas of Iowa although I have been known to travel east on occasion. Together we can decide where best to capture your moments. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule your session. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Archive: ‘Nature Photos’

A Little Unwelcome Guest

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Snake, snakes, photo, photos, photography, hansell photography


I will not say where we found this little snake because it makes me panicky everytime I think about it.

And now I’m off to think about happier things…

Photo Fun at Ledges State Park!!

Friday, July 17th, 2009

This past Sunday I went with my mother-in-law, Robin, to a local State Park to take some nature photos. The lighting was perfect on the way to her house, terrible while we were at the park and then perfect again on the way home. It was good practice though. She wanted to know how to use the triangle of exposure so it was perfect for that. These are just a sampling of what I took that day.

Truthfully I’m really wanting to see how hers turned out. Looking at the little 3 inch screen on the camera  doesn’t always tell alot.


These are in chronological order.

This first one was shot at a duck pond not far from my house. The lighting was perfect and I was looking forward to getting to the park but first I had to stop and take a couple photos.

Usually by the time I get to the duck pond with my camera the plants don’t look near this good so I took advantage of my good fortune.

Water Plants at duck pond


I’m not usually a sucker for the horizon photos but I couldn’t pass this one up. The clouds in the background and a cloud shadow on the hill made this perfect.

Horizon Landscape at the duck pond


 The sun decided to play peeka boo just as we were really needing it under all the tree cover.

Trees at Ledges State Park

This was taken just a couple of seconds later after the sun decided to come out for a moment.

Amazing what a difference just a little bit more light makes.

Trees at Ledges State Park

I’m a sucker for trees and this one caught my eye with all these little leaves coming off the side.

Trees at Ledges State Park


I can’t wait to retake this photo. Next time I’m going to take my tripod and use a longer shutter speed to capture the water moving.

Running Water at Ledges State Park 


This would be why the park is called Ledges.

River at Ledges State Park


Just a cute little lady bug my mother-in-law spotted.

Lady Bug


We went forever up this path and stopped where the rails ended. After going that far up I had no desire to go even further. After all we still had to go down all these little uneven steps.

Ledges Path of Stairs


Just a charming little abandoned building.

 Ledges Abandoned Building


I stopped at the duck pond again on the way back home. I hadn’t noticed these little flowers on the first visit. I’m really glad I didn’t miss them on my second visit.

Duck Pond Flowers


Duck Pond Flowers


All in all I think it was a productive day. It is so nice to be able to escape for awhile and unwind.


Thursday, July 16th, 2009


We didn’t have a very long lilac season this year due to the wind. I knew they wouldn’t be around for very long so I grabbed the camera and took a couple shots. I wanted to take more but was being beckoned by the little one. I was happy with how it turned out considering the wind was blowing at 30+ miles per hour.


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