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HI! I am Laura! I love capturing moments. Big moments, little moments, fleeting moments, OMG moments, ANY and ALL moments! I am a mother to a preschooler, who hates to have his picture taken, and a wife of 11 years to my best friend, who is an engineer. We live in the country! The city just was not for us so we live where the little boy can run and play, the husband and tear stuff apart, the views are glorious, the air is clean (even if it does occasionally smell of eu de pig... or cow) and the drive to town is relaxing. I use all natural light and shoot on location in the the greater IOWA region. After all this great state is not that big... From the south west corner to the north central areas of Iowa although I have been known to travel east on occasion. Together we can decide where best to capture your moments. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule your session. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Archive: December, 2009


Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Let me set the scene…


It is freeze your tushie off cold outside…


The wind is blowing… hard… with nothing to stop it but two barb wire fences between us and Canada… Okay so maybe more than that but not much…


My husband, my son and I are driving around because honestly you can only stay cooped up inside for so long before all those snow drifts start taunting you… "I bet you can’t get through me…"


The temptation was just to strong!! We all bundled up and jumped in the pick up and headed to town. Because you know we needed… pepper… yes, pepper, thats it…


It was kinda late afternoon so the sun is low on the horizon, you can see the snow blowing. You can feel the wind/snow blowing rocking the truck. The snow is blowing up also which is a little unusual because it usually just blows near the ground but this is up in the air 4, 5, 6 feet. Thus creating the perfect conditions to capture this sundog.  I have tried to capture sundogs before but the conditions which are favorable for sundogs don’t usually last long because the sun moves too fast and rises all the way or sets completely before I get a photo I like. 


This particular sundog was around for most of the late afternoon allowing me many opportunities to capture exactly what I wanted.  At least given that I wanted to stand out in the blowing wind… I however didn’t want to do that so this was taken out the windshield of the pickup which was thankfully clean.


Yes I am a pansy… Spring cannot get here fast enough! 


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